Heating, ventilation and air conditioning!

HVAC systems force air throughout your home via a network of supply and return ducting. The supply side provides filtered and condition air into the living space and the return side pulls stale contaminated air from the living space back into the HVAC system for re-filtering and conditioning.

Why do my vents, ducts and furnace need to be cleaned?

Contaminants that can spawn organic life and attract pests are drawn into the heating and cooling systems throughout every room in your house. Drywall dust from renovations and new home constructions accumulate there. Sensitivities or allergies to dust, dust mites, dander, pollen or pet hairs can be reduced with duct cleaning. Unpleasant odours can be eliminated such as wet dog smell, cat urine smell, kitchen fish fry smell and musty space smell. Furnace and duct cleaning that combines rotary brushes, air washing, power vacuuming and antibacterial antifungal coatings are a complete service, the cleaner the better! Choose AccuClean!

Want to improve your sleep, energy and health?

A well designed and installed HRV system ensures you and your loved ones have premium indoor air quality.

Click here for more information on air quality testing, HRV's, how they work and what an HRV can do for you.

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