AccuCleaning prevents dryer appliance house fires!

Dryer vents build up lint that can restrict the flow of hot moist air. Dryer appliances also build up lint internally. Fires caused by dryers are a real danger!

It's important to clean the vent and the appliance.

If you were cleaning it yourself would you do half a job? We think not.

AccuClean technicians take the time to clean both the vent and the appliance to ensure you and your family are safe from the risk of dryer related fires.

Some flexible dryer hoses are unsafe and should not be used. AccuClean technicians will inspect, advise and replace flexible dryer hose with the highest quality materials available.

Hot moist air must exit the building!

To be sure that it does, AccuClean will thoroughly inspect your dryer vent with our video inspection system. That way we can ensure that proper connections have been made and maintained.

Because improper dryer vent assembly can increase the risk of fires and may cause damage due to moisure, illness due to mold, and is easily preventable, AccuClean quality checks the entire assembly to ensure the components meet current assembly and safety standards.

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